image 13Do you think your breasts are too small? Are they the right size but starting to sag due to age? Or are they so large that they are causing back problems? No matter what the issue, we can help.

Large, full breasts have always been a symbol of femininity and appeal.Women’s clothing is made to accentuate the bust line.However, each woman is different and may feel differently about the size of her breasts. When smaller breasts cause body image issues and lack of self-esteem a breast augmentation surgery is the best solution.

Do you feel that your breasts have lost their youthful appearance?Over time, the appearance of a woman’s breasts can change. Factors like pregnancy, nursing, weight gain/loss can cause breasts to lose volume, soften and sag. Breast Lift surgery can be a great solution for some women. A mastopexy, or breast lift, is a cosmetic procedure that elevates the breasts by trimming excess skin and reshaping surrounding tissue- restoring the breasts to a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

If you think your breasts are too small, breast implants may be the answer. Augmentation mammoplasty uses surgical implants to enlarge the breasts. During the evaluation process you will be able to evaluate and determine the size and type of implant that best suits your needs.

Are you always dealing with back problems because your breasts are so large and heavy? We can help alleviate the problem by making your breasts smaller. Reduction mammoplasty is the plastic surgery procedure for reducing the size of large breasts. There are a variety of reduction procedures available, and numerous incision patterns that can be used.

The size and weight of large breasts can result in self-consciousness, improper posture, pain in the back and neck, skin rashes, breathing problems and skeletal deformities. Our doctor offers his expertise in breast reduction surgery to provide relief from these symptoms by removing fat and glandular tissue and tightening skin to produce smaller, lighter breasts that are in a healthier proportion to the rest of the body.

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